ASEM - its past
ASEM, its mission and goals
ASEM since 1991

Since its beginning up today, ASEM has helped over 172,000 children at its Centers, Schools, through education, psychological support & health care, shelter, vocational training and/or occasional support.
Hundreds and hundreds of children have been helped to rejoin their families and being reintegrated into their community.
Currently, ASEM helps over 6000 direct beneficiaries simultaneously through its daily activities by providing schooling, vocational training, food, medical support, psychological and moral rehabilitation and approximately 300,000 indirect beneficiaries’ since its beginning.

To engage with children and young adults living in extreme poverty, and to promote their socio-economic integration (re-integration) into their family or the community.


  • To improve the lives of the children and to safeguard their rights;

  • To realize and support programs for family reconciliation and reintegration of children and young adults living in conditions of extreme poverty;

  • To promote and develop activities aimed at psychological, moral, educational and formative rehabilitation of the children and young adults living in conditions of vulnerability and poverty;


  • To provide family counseling for the children, and the socio-economic reintegration of young adults that live in situations of vulnerability and poverty, through personalized programs of participation;


  • To participate and support in studies about the situation of Mozambican infancy, at provincial and national level, to better understand their issues and needs;

  • To establish contacts and partnerships with national and international organizations, in order to support various initiatives in favor of the orphaned and vulnerable children. 

Video produced by ASEM Canada in 2012