Premio della Bontà

Premio della Bontà

Premio della Bontà

“Award of Goodness” by the National Union of the Knights of Italy, in Padova, in November 2013

The "Mimosa de Oro" from the Blue Drop Group in Palermo, Italy, in 2002

Premio della Bontà

Premio della Bontà

Premio della Bontà

Premio della Bontà

Donnie Yen & Barbara

Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of Selvazzano Dentro (PD), Italy, in September 2017


 "THE ONE” Award by the Rotary Club Hong Kong district 3450, June 2014 in Hong Kong

The “Woman of the Year” award by the Regional Government of Val d’Aost, Italy, in 2002

“Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation & the Federation “Women for World Peace" in Padova, Italy, in November 2009

"First prize of the City of Ostia"- Ostia, Italy, in June 2007 for my book "Um dia sera poesia"

Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of San Giorgio in Bosco, Italy, in December 2003

Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of Limena, Italy, in 2003

The "Ambassador for Peace" by the International Center for Peace between Nations of Assisi, Italy, in 2003

The "Rose of Sympathy" by the City Council of Rome, Italy, in 2003

Rosa della Simpatia

Often I am asked what has made me the most happy and proud in the last 28 plus years. There is not one story, but hundreds and realistically, even thousands. Nevertheless, it all comes down to one main theme repeated by thousands of children. And that is, the survival and betterment of one child’s life. The story of Castelo (see in success stories) is one of theses stories dear to my heart and I am so gratified. These children’s successes are the reason for my numerous awards and recognition, and I share it with them.

Awards and recognition I have received for my involvement with the children of Mozambique:

The "SCUDO d'ARGENTO" from the "Istituto Scudi di San Martino", Italy, in 2000

The "Chevalier de l'Ordre National de Mérite" from the French President Jacques Chirac, 1997

The "Aeschenkollegium" in Basel, Switzerland, in 1997