"Un giorno sarà Poesia"

Poems inspired by the children 

by Barbara Hofmann

Portuguese - Italian 1997


CD produced by ASEM with the music and lyrics by ASEM's musical group C.S.C. Djembe

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  • Lovely laughing face4:40


Lyrics by Barbara

Music and sung by Alice Nichele

"Menino da Rua"

Lyrics by Barbara

Sung by Djovana

CD produced by M. Keusen & M. Rutschmann

"20 years ASEM"

ASEM's story in 3 photo books with text 

Produced by Barbara

English 2012

"L'Albero del Corvo e del Gabbiano"

Stories of kids and poems of Barbara

by Barbara in collaboration with Wilma

Photos by Marzio Marzot 

Italian 2006

"The Baron and the Gipsy"

A love story during the war (novel)

by Barbara Hofmann

​English 2013

"Children of the World"

Stories of kids

Photos by Marzio Marzot

Text of the children in collaboration with Barbara

French - English - Italian 2000

"Menia goes to school"

One day of a child at ASEM's Pre-School in Vilankulo

Photos and text by Roland Meige in collaboration with ASEM 2011

French - Portuguese & English - Italian

The books that I have written are mostly about the children. Are we born writers, artists, creators or does life lead us to it? For me, writing is a way of expression, sharing. I come from a scientific background, though I love performing arts and writing. Let me frame it in a different way: writing is my vessel to translate feelings and emotions and let them flow creatively.  ​(Barbara Hofmann)

"Cielo aperto"

Photos by Fabrizio Biaggi

Poems written by ASEM's Children

Italian 2007

Poem by Barbara Hofmann

at graphic exhibition

"Imagining Mozambique"

wieden+kennedy amsterdam

ASEM by Giuliano Garonzi

​in English

"Le four à Bois"


by Barbara Hofmann

French 1996


Lyrics by Barbara

Music by Sangoma Everett

Sung by Shawn