As an example is our art teacher. He is 19 years old, never studied art, but, thanks to his dedication and ongoing research and learning, he got the job. Bellow some of his work.

Poems by the kids

ASEM's music and theater groups

Above, some seances from the play called "Bento" that the kids learned in Portuguese and Italian. Years later, the group was dissolved as each kid had learned a trade and has been integrated into the labor market. Actually, within the Majianza Cultural Center in Vilankulo, a new group is rehearsing the same play as it has great educational values, to be shared with the world. 

ASEM organized four times tours in Maputo, Italy and Switzerland with 20 kids between 14 and 19 years of age. Hundreds of performances were given. One of the goals was to present a part of our work to our sponsors, organize exchange programs between schools within their socio-cultural programs and to create a better understanding and tolerance between different cultures.

The play "Bento" in Italian

The Children are involved in different arts. Drawing and painting is one of it, to stimulate their abilities and as a tool of expression. For some of the kids it became even a profession and leaded them to self-sustainability.

Children are involved in writing, composing and letting fly their literary creativity. A number of kids won international literary competitions in Italy. Timoteo was our first winner with the poem bellow called "Our Mother".

Our Mother

Oh, our Mother
Our unknown
Our mother

While we were walking for so long uprooted
No link with you
Far from hope
Impregnated by disgrace

We saw a star in the sky, shining strong
Falling down to Earth
And when it arrived we saw
It was a woman with a big open heart

 We asked her name, she replied
Your new mother from today on

 Mother, you are a woman who knows how to fight
To have unknown children

You are our princess and our hope
Your heart is pure gold, with a glittering all-natural

Even if your kids were engraved bronze
Hardened in the fire of hell

Forgive us for your suffering so much
For our awakening happy.

by Timoteo Jemusse

Marcos is a kid that grew up at the Macurungo Center. He learned different trades and was one of the youngsters involved in the cultural exchange program in Salvador and Recife (Brazil). Today he is working as a social actor and helping other children in situation of vulnerability through Art. He set up a group in which he is himself performing too.

La Nostra Madre

Oh, Madre nostra
Nostra sconosciuta
Nostra madre

Mentre andavano per tanto tempo sradicati
Senza legame con te
Lontano della speranza
Messa incinta della disgrazia

Vedevamo una stella nel cielo, a brillare forte
Scendere sulla terra
E quando é arrivata vedevamo
Che era una donna con il cuore grande aperto

Chiedevamo il suo nome, Lei rispondeva
La vostra nuova madre a partire da oggi

Madre sei una donna che sa lottare
Avere degli figli sconosciuti

Sei la nostra principessa e la nostra speranza
Hai un cuore di oro con un brillio tutto naturale

Anche se i tuoi figli fossero di bronzo scolpito
Induriti nel fuoco del inferno

Perdonaci per il tuo soffrire tanto
Per il nostro risveglio felice.

by Timoteo Jemusse

Acting at the Macurungo Center in Beira

Typical Mozambican dance at the Macurungo Center in Beira

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