Happy Holidays!!

WAIT, wait a moment and Read me – then remember that with one present you buy less you can have 10 more in your heart, by helping a child with a meal and a school book for Xmas.

Please share and give the opportunity as well to your friends to fill their heart with joy. 

How to Donate
  • Contribute with a donation to what is most needed at the Centers at this time.

  • Sponsor a child to help her or him grow better within her/his family- community: with a contribution of 450 USD per year (includes school support, food, clothes and what is most needed).

  • Support a child for schooling: with a contribution of 180 USD per year.

  • Support a vocational training of a young adult (ask us about the different programs from 380 to 2500 USD per course).

  • Support the university studies of a young adult. (Contact us for more information)

  • The donation can be done on an annual, quarterly or monthly base.

  • Offer one of our publications to friends and family.

  • Donate your 5 x 1000 (cod.Fiscale 05884841007) in the next tax return (for Italian citizen only),

  • Become a volunteer of ASEM and contribute to its initiatives and events (contact us for more information).

               *** For all other currencies the amount is in function of the exchange rate

          For tax deductible donations from Canada 

          Tax deductible donations from USA
           through "Friends of the ASEM Foundation"


          Tax deductible donations from Italy

          Tax deductible donations from Switzerland​​​

​           For donations from Portugal & Mozambique

           and other countries Please contact us at