Thoughts and wisdom
This page will grow at each great reflection that crosses our life

One day someone told me:

“You help so many children and when you turn around, you see millions more in need that you cannot help.

Isn’t that discouraging?”

I answered:

If everyone in the world would help ONE child, the world would be different. Nevertheless don’t forget, that ONE child can change the world.

A friend that read some of the the kids poems said: 
Un dolore che da calore
A pain that heats up your heart

Every little crumb of solidity and happiness should be enjoyed from the deepest of the heart at any moment, even without reason.

Don't worry about the wrinkles in your face, which anyway are the thermometer of our wisdom but yes, to be aware that your Heart never will get them.

Parfois il est bon de s'arrêter pour digérer le bonheur accumulé, afin de laisser aller la douleur de l'indigestion.
Sometimes it's good to stop to digest the accumulated happiness, to let go of the pain of indigestion.

Remember that, with one present you buy less you can have 10 more in your heart, by helping a child with a meal and a school book. 

Please share and give the opportunity as well to your friends to fill their heart with joy.