Grace is 12 years old and lost one leg 5 years ago. She uses to walk 12 km a day to attend school, often with an empty stomach. Her crutches were made out of iron and beside of its weight, they ruined her hands. Still, she is one of the best students at her school! Thanks to one of our sponsors she got light suitable crutches, monthly allowance for transportation and food. THANKS!!!

Our Agricultural activities to step toward self sustainability became a reality. Still a long way to go, but our production helps the children at ASEM’s Cultural & Training Center Majianza in Vilankulo to have a better nutrition.

In the first few weeks of 2017, heavy rains destroy a big part of our maize and banana plantation. Where the lake is, used to be the road to the fields. 

On September 27, we celebrated the international day of tourism. In Vilankulo, the Town Hall organized a day of celebration and culture. ASEM with its Majianza cultural group was a part of that beautiful day.

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