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Poem by Barbara Hofmann

at graphic exhibition

"Imagining Mozambique"

wieden+kennedy Amsterdam

ASEM by Giuliano Garonzi

​in English

"Le four à Bois"


by Barbara Hofmann

French 1996

"LLF" Lovely Laughing Face

Lyrics by Barbara

Music by Sangoma Everett

Sung by Shawn


Lyrics by Barbara

Music and sung by Alice Nichele

"Menino da Rua"

Lyrics by Barbara

Sung by Djovana

CD produced by

M. Keusen & M. Rutschmann

"20 years ASEM"

ASEM's story in 3 photo books with text 

Produced by Barbara

English 2012

"L'Albero del Corvo e del Gabbiano"

Stories of kids and poems of Barbara

by Barbara in collaboration with Wilma

Photos by Marzio Marzot .

Italian 2006

"The Baron and the Gipsy"

A love story during the war (novel)

by Barbara Hofmann

​English 2013

"Children of the World"

Stories of kids

Photos by Marzio Marzot

Text of the children in collaboration with Barbara

French - English - Italian 2000

"Menia goes to school"

One day of a child at ASEM's Pre-School in Vilankulo

Photos and text by Roland Meige in collaboration with ASEM 2011

French - Portuguese & English - Italian

The books that I have written are mostly about the children. Are we born writers, artists, creators or does life lead us to it? For me, writing is a way of expression, sharing. I come from a scientific background, though I love performing arts and writing. Let me frame it in a different way: writing is my vessel to translate feelings and emotions and let them flow creatively.  ​(Barbara Hofmann)

"Cielo aperto"

Photos by Fabrizio Biaggi

Poems written by ASEM's Children

Italian 2007

"Un giorno sarà Poesia"

Poems inspired by the children 

by Barbara Hofmann

Portuguese - Italian 1997


CD produced by ASEM with the music and lyrics by ASEM's musical group C.S.C. Djembe