Where to take action

Chicken for our farm

School Uniforms for 150 kindergarten students

Seeds for our farm

The following activities need your help to allow the children to thrive in life. Helping them to help themselves and allow them to dream again.

5000 kg of rice and 1500 kg of maize flour
for the meals of the children

 55 USD each

Beside our "sponsor a child for school" program, we need material for our different educational programs. Paper, pencils, color pencils, rubbers, clue, etc. 

   1 USD per unit

More to help

20 USD each

  • Contribute with a donation to what is most needed at the Centers at this time.

  • Sponsor a child to help her or him to grow better within the family or the community:

         with a contribution of 39 USD per month (includes school support, food, clothes - what is most needed).

  • Support a child for schooling:

         with a contribution of 15 USD per month

  • Support a vocational training of a young adult:

         ask us about the different programs from 380 to 2500 USD per course

  • Support the university studies of a young adult:

         contact us for more information

  • Donate your 5 x 1000 (cod.Fiscale 05884841007) in the next tax return (for Italian citizen only)

  • Become a volunteer of ASEM and contribute to its initiatives and events:

         contact us for more information

         The donation can be done on an annual, quarterly or monthly base. All donation are tax deductible.

               *** For all other currencies the amount is in function of the exchange rate

12 USD each

1 USD per one kg

10 USD per kit

  5 USD each

Goats for our farm

School Uniforms for 100 primary school students