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Seven lives in ONE

I was born on March 8, 1962 in Switzerland, and studied Business and Finance in Geneva. In 1989, while working in banking with multinational businesses, seemingly by "destiny" I found myself in Beira, Mozambique. It was wartime and after bearing witness to the ravages of war, I decided to devote my life to the children of Mozambique.

In 1990, I developed a project for a Children's Home in Beira, negotiated with the Government of Mozambique and in 1992, opened  the first Center for orphans of war, in which more than 350 children found a home and a family-based life.

In 1991, I founded ASEM Switzerland to raise funds to help the Children.

In 1999, ASEM Mozambique and ASEM Italy was founded and in 2005, ASEM Canada and ASEM Portugal began.

In January 2001, I contracted  malaria falciparum. For more than a month, I was in a coma in a hospital in Johannesburg (dialysis, artificial respiration, etc.). My kidneys and liver functioned at only 3%, and my lungs at 1%. I survived this terrible disease, and recovered 100% and never forgot my "Near Death" experience.   

                                         "Near Death" experience DOCUMENTARY @ 21:34

​                         By many thousands of children she is simply called “Mama”.

Victor Hugo

One that opens a school door, closes a prison.